Marina Alves
we like data, but we also like to dance Lindy Hop

I am Marina Alves, graduated in media in 2009 from Ibero-Americana, and I have been working for 9 years with metrics, monitoring and content for social networks.

Despite the formation ~of human~, I have always been very curious about how to automate, categorize and filter information in order to identify patterns and – why not? – facilitate processes.


In 2009, I worked with content creation for the portals of AlphaFM and 89 FM radiostations, covering the areas of cinema, theater and music. In 2010, at The Virgula Portal of Jovem Pan FM, I was a reporter for the editorials of music, technology and behavior, covering events such as Campus Party, Fashion Week and later assuming the edition of the social networks of the Portal.

Although I've been through areas such as photo/video and journalism, I found myself in the monitoring and metrics sectors for social networks and Business Intelligence.

Since 2011 I have been working with data analysis, planning and social networks. Coordinated the team of metrics and monitoring of A2ad for 6 years, being responsible for the implementation of improvements and development of methodologies for the department, in addition to the constant training of the team. I also went through Santa Clara, where I was manager of Business Intelligence and junior partner, where I implemented a new culture data driven, remodeling the way they presented the data to the end customer. I am currently a freelance consultant and I am moving to Portugal, where I will develop new projects in the BI area.

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